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Marketplacer Enters A Global Partnership Agreement With Overdose

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Marketplacer, a global technology platform that enables brands, retailers, suppliers, communities and innovators to easily build and grow successful online marketplaces at scale, today announced it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with award-winning global digital commerce agency, Overdose..

The agreement will allow both companies to expand their customer offerings and create meaningful new connections that will drive eCommerce growth. Overdose. offers a full suite of digital services including re-platforming, strategy, design, search, marketing, data & technical maintenance. This partnership will enable both firms to support an increasing number of clients in the rapidly evolving eCommerce sector.

“We can now scale up the number of projects we are undertaking for our clients by working with a global agency with considerable knowledge and experience in the online marketing and fulfilment sector,” says John Mullins, Chief Alliance Officer, Marketplacer.

Shopify integration

Paul Pritchard, Group CEO at Overdose., says a particular focus for both companies is assisting clients to achieve tight integration between the Marketplacer platform and existing Shopify frontends.

“This integration ensures eCommerce customers can enjoy a fully-featured online experience including the rich product and vendor discovery delivered by Shopify, while Marketplacer handles backend functions such as order processing, payments, and fulfilment.”

Mutual benefits

Pritchard says Overdose. is currently working with many different businesses, in diverse verticals, globally across their 11 offices. This gives them the unique capability to understand organisations' local and cultural needs alongside their opportunities for accelerated growth, which can be a perfect fit for a marketplace strategy with Marketplacer.

“Overdose.’s Complete Commerce model focused on transformational strategy is vital when an eCommerce company is growing quickly and is keen to take full advantage of new opportunities,” says Pritchard. “These businesses trust Overdose. as their partner so are open to discussions around why a marketplace strategy makes sense for them.”

Mullins says both companies have closely aligned values and challenger brands. This means that thanks to the agreement, they will both be able to continue their strong growth.

“Overdose. has physical representation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Berlin, Vienna, Sao Paolo and Kyiv along with new locations on the horizon. This means we are well placed to work with clients who have a global footprint and are looking for support both locally and in multiple markets.”

Target market

Specifically, the new partnership will allow Marketplacer to make it easier for businesses that plan to launch their own third-party marketplaces.

“The partnership will provide businesses with an offering that can help them to establish their marketplace strategy,” says Mullins. “It will enable them to onboard new suppliers, scale their range, and provide a personalised and integrated shopping experience.”
“As businesses that have an online presence look to add a marketplace to their existing website using Marketplacer, they can also rely on support from Overdose. to assist with other areas to fully execute and launch their strategy.”

Pritchard says many business owners who are considering introducing a marketplace strategy and growing their range have a hard time trying to understand how they will achieve this goal.

“Many have tried to manage this in house and have seen projects drawn out extensively. It’s important that we provide the best possible value to our customers and it’s through partnerships such as this that we can help our business customers achieve their goals.”

Under the new partnership agreement, Marketplacer and Overdose. will conduct joint ecosystem events, joint brand awareness and positioning activations, client networking, masterclasses, workshops and webinars.

“I am looking forward to seeing what both companies can achieve as they work together in the future,” says Mullins. “The eCommerce space is evolving rapidly, and we are now perfectly positioned to help our clients achieve their goals.”

About Marketplacer

Marketplacer is a global technology Software as a Service (SaaS) platform equipped with all the tools and functionality needed to build a successful and scalable online marketplace, at speed. To date, Marketplacer has helped build and deploy over 100 Marketplaces connecting over 13,000 businesses worldwide. The Marketplacer platform exists to make growth simple, from implementing marketplace strategies such as shipment from drop-ship sellers, adding new categories or third-party range extension, through to consolidating markets and rolling out modern revenue models such as recurring memberships that allow businesses to grow faster and beyond the constraints of capital inventory.

Born and bred from the award-winning BikeExchange, the biggest online marketplace for anything and everything bike, founders Jason Wyatt and Sam Salter saw the opportunity to license the online software platform and apply it to new marketplaces. Marketplacer is responsible for the creation of online eCommerce solutions and business transformations of companies around the world. Visit for more information.

About Overdose.:

Complete Commerce. Integrated Agility.

We envisaged a global Digital Commerce Anti-Agency with enterprise capability, underpinned with startup hustle… working in accountable partnerships, focused on delivering accelerated results through bespoke strategies and deep service integration.

We call this Complete Commerce.

Since our incorporation in 2016, Overdose. has grown out to a family of 450+ commerce professionals, with industry-defining capability across Strategy, Experience, Technology, Marketing, Search, Data & Insights.

We don’t sell solutions. We produce business outcomes.

We are a Full Suite Digital Commerce Agency, with the capability to deliver across the full functional needs of high-performing digital programs. Our services divisions are all led by industry experts, and our Client Success process ensures clients have unfettered access to talent through our distributed retainer model.

Our mindset is executed across all divisions, from full site and systems implementations, through to individual marketing campaigns. This perpetual flow, executed through design thinking, has evolved to accelerate business growth.

Built on an iterative approach backed up by actionable, data-driven insights, Overdose. combines deep customer empathy with measurable business success.

Paul Pritchard, Group CEO at Overdose.

Paul Pritchard, Group CEO at Overdose.

John Mullins, Chief Alliance Officer, Marketplacer

John Mullins, Chief Alliance Officer, Marketplacer