how we work with you

At the beginning

At the outset of every client relationship, Bass Public Relations prepares a customised PR plan based on factors including your market, your business, current stakeholder perceptions and your future plans.

Typical information we seek at an initial meeting includes:

  1. Company background, history, financial position, executive officers.
  2. Your range of products/services and target markets.
  3. A broad profile of your customers including the typical influencers and decision makers within an organisation.
  4. A recap of significant company events such as acquisitions, takeovers, awards, capital investments, etc.
  5. Market research and competitive information.
  6. Future business plans (including anticipated growth in staff and revenue targets).
  7. Upcoming events, product launches or corporate announcements.
  8. The resources available for marketing budgets.
  9. Marketing communications activities over the past 12 months and any activities planned for the future.
  10. Is there an internal marketing function in-house?
  11. Who would an outside agency be reporting to?

Armed with this information we then develop a fully budgeted proposal and schedule of activity. Because we believe it is essential to understand the effectiveness of any PR campaign, we will also work with you to establish mutually agreed performance standards and metrics.

Once the campaign gets under way, we ask our clients to commit to a quarterly review meeting. This ensures that the PR program remains on track, encourages proactive identification of new opportunities and allows activity to be adjusted to suit any changes occurring within the client's business environment.

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