Our Services

We are client obsessed, hands-on and personally vested in helping our clients rapidly increase growth. Some of our key services as part of an overall integrated communications approach include:

Corporate Communications

We help our clients and their brands connect with B2B and B2C audiences enabling them to create true differentiation and providing the support to scale their businesses rapidly. Ultimately, we empower our clients to reach their desired audiences at the right place and right time with the right message.

Media and Analyst Relations

We help enhance the reputation of client management as approachable, quotable, credible and knowledgeable in the realm of a variety of issues which surround their businesses. We will look to identify content that differentiates their strengths and ensure that subject matter experts can communicate this to media and by default, analysts, prospects and partners.

Social media campaigns

The Internet is global – not Californian or even American! We help to make social real for companies by integrating content into digital PR tactics and supporting robust and widespread participation by management and employees at every level.

Issues and crisis management

In a world without walls, our clients rely on us to support them in times of crisis. Helping companies to be agile on these occasions is part of our fabric.

Product Launches and Reviews

These programs help companies to align product announcements with corporate messaging to gain maximum exposure in both traditional and social media.

Executive Profiling

We work with our clients to ensure that they have the best possible strategies and approaches to participating in the new digital era. Amidst the backdrop of millions of conversations, we workshop and transform our clients’ internal company messaging into external conversation and forward-looking vision. The result is a management team able to maximise their impact through clean and consistent value propositions with unique perspectives.

Corporate and Product Awards

We work with clients to identify industry associations, annual conferences and award opportunities for potential company participation.

Content Creation

Your customers have changed – they’re looking for new ways to engage with businesses. Today, we develop content for ongoing social media and news commentary for placement in both mainstream media as well as in key client vertical markets in support of your brand awareness and sales.

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