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The Byte Channel Partners With Arxanum To Offer EU VAT Compliant Services in Australasia

Friday, June 21, 2024

The Byte Channel, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions, has today announced a strategic partnership with Arxanum, a German company specialising in EU VAT compliance services. Under this agreement, The Byte Channel will act as an agent to supply Arxanum's VAST (VAT Assurance Services Technology) offerings to businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and the broader Australasian region.

The services offered through this partnership include:

  • - IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop): Simplifies VAT reporting for distance sales of goods imported into the EU worth less than €150.
  • - OSS (One-Stop Shop): Allows businesses to report and pay VAT on all distance sales of goods and services to EU consumers through a single return.
  • - Fiscal Representation: Provides a local fiscal representative to handle VAT registrations, filings, and interactions with EU tax authorities on behalf of non-EU businesses.
"As more Australasian companies look to expand their e-commerce operations into Europe, navigating the complex web of VAT rules has become a major hurdle," said Stephen Schwalger, CEO of The Byte Channel. "Through our partnership with Arxanum, we can now offer best-in-class VAT compliance solutions to simplify selling into the EU market."
Stephen Schwalger, CEO of The Byte Channel

Stephen Schwalger, CEO of The Byte Channel

The benefits of Arxanum's VAST services for mid-to-large companies in the Australasian market include:

  • - Reduced risk of VAT non-compliance and penalties across 27 EU member states.
  • - Centralised reporting and payment through a single return, eliminating the need for multiple VAT registrations.
  • - Expert guidance from Arxanum's team of VAT specialists, ensuring full compliance with all EU VAT regulations.
  • - Streamlined cross-border logistics and reduced administrative burden.
  • - Improved cash-flow management without bank guarantees
"We are thrilled to partner with The Byte Channel and bring our VAT compliance expertise to businesses across Australia, New Zealand, and the broader region," said Luigi Pezzuto, CEO of Arxanum. "As e-commerce continues to grow globally, having a trusted partner to ensure VAT compliance is essential for success."

The partnership between The Byte Channel and Arxanum is effective immediately.

For more information or to enquire about Arxanum's VAST services, please visit

About The Byte Channel

The Byte Channel is a leading provider of e-commerce, digital transformation and international market solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses succeed in the digital marketplace. With a focus on innovation and customer success, The Byte Channel has established itself as a trusted partner for companies of all sizes across Australasia.

About Arxanum

Arxanum is a German company specialising in EU VAT compliance services. With expertise in IOSS, OSS, and fiscal representation, Arxanum helps businesses worldwide navigate the complexities of VAT regulations and sell into the EU market with confidence.